Taiwan Products [2017]



Publication Year:2017.08

Publisher:Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

Place of Publication:Taipei

Series:Taiwan products


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Taiwan Products is one of the leading business-to-business publications which aims to introduce a wide range of Taiwan merchandise to its global readers.With the goal of introducing the export industries of Taiwan to the world, this full-color, English-language magazine is published in ten issues annually. Each issue focuses on a specific industry. Features including Latest Products, Online Deals, Taiwan Excellence Award Winners and information on manufacturers and exporters. Taiwan Products has proudly assist the exporting promotion of Taiwan for over 40 years since first published in 1971.

  • Editor's Picks(p.8)
  • Online Deals(p.11)
  • Taiwan Excellence Award Winners(p.13)
  • Machinery & Mechanical Parts(p.14)
  • Chemicals(p.33)
  • Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Lights & Lighting, Computer(p.50)
  • Packaging, Printing & Advertising(p.65)
  • Agricultural & Foods(p.79)
  • Beauty & Personal Care(p.88)
  • Hardware & Tools(p.96)
  • Construction, Furniture & Houseware(p.104)
  • Toys, Baby & Pet Products, Sports, Gifts & Crafts(p.110)
  • Electrical & Electronics(p.119)
  • Apparel & Accessories, Bag, Jewelry, Eyewear(p.126)
  • Security & Protection(p.132)
  • Medical & Health, Measurement & Analysis Instrument(p.138)
  • Automobiles & Motorcycles, Ships & Boats(p.144)
  • Others(p.151)